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Popcorn Popping revived


Yes, we’re back — see S.P. Bailey’s new short story below. We’re sorry we were away. We’re trying to get back on track and have been in contact with all of our contributors and submitters.

There are two major changes:

1. Popcorn Popping has a new home on the A Motley Vision domain. You will need to update your RSS feeds (see the footer). Over time, Popcorn Popping and AMV will become more co-branded; however, they remain separate entities with separate editorial teams [albeit with quite a bit of crossover -- or is it cross contamination?]. All of our about pages have been updated to reflect the changes. If you have submissions, comments, questions, e-mail them to

2. The magazine model didn’t work for us. So Popcorn Popping will now operate more like a blog. All of the editors are now free agents. They will grab submissions that they are interested in and work with the submitters to prep the works for posting. Work will be posted as editors have time and stuff to worthy to post. It’s up to the individual editors, but we will most likely be less willing to accept work that needs a lot of rewriting/working.

Many thanks to all our readers, contributors and submitters. We have some great work in our archives, and we will continue to bring you exciting and interesting Mormon narrative work.

5 Responses to Popcorn Popping revived

  1. Edje

    “…we will continue to bring you exciting and interesting Mormon narrative work.”

    So… no more poetry? to each editor his/her own?

  2. William Morris


    We consider poetry narrative art. Yes, some forms of it push the boundaries of narrativity, but, in general, it is a narrative art.

    A lot depends on the submissions we receive, but I assume that it will continue to be part of our big three of poetry, short story and personal essay. Although, of course, we accept all forms of narrative art covered in our submissions guidelines.

    Each editor will take up submissions as he or her has the time and interest. The editors will also be posting their own work although we ask them to not be super self-indulgent with that power. ;-)

    We have no desire to turn this in to solely a forum for the editors, a vanity press. But we also started Popcorn Popping to encourage us to write — and more specifically to increase our output. For example, Shawn Bailey had something ready to go for the re-launch and so he posted it — but he also had a story published in the latest issue of Dialogue.

    Our basic contention is that the world of Mormon culture doesn’t not have enough venues for narrative art (esp. venues that publish frequently and/or on a regular schedule) and we want to remedy that as much as we can given our other commitments. That means going to a more irregular schedule, but we hope to post 2-3 things a month. More if we have quality submissions and can recruit a few more editors.

  3. N. Andrews

    Just a personal question. A few days ago I sent the final revision of a short stroy of mine that was on the backburner. Haven’t heard anything back. Just wanted to know if that is still going to be considered so I know what to expect. Thanks.

  4. William Morris


    Your editor should be in touch with you shortly.

  5. Steve Evans

    This is very, very good news — good work Wm.