Wrapping up the #MormonPoetrySlam

12.17.13 | | no comments

In case you haven’t been following the Mormon Poetry Slam at home and have an interest in Mormon poetry (I mean, who doesn’t, right?), here’s an update (which I initially posted here):

The final performance in the slam—which I’ve been hosting on FireinthePasture.org and which as far as I know is the first online competition of its kind—posted last Friday. (You can find the event archive here). Now it’s time to determine the winner of the Audience Choice Award and we need your help with that because, well, the participants need the audience to vote. So, if you would: Take several minutes to consider the slam performances, then vote for your favorite before Wednesday’s end (voting rules are outlined below). For your consideration and reviewing pleasure, here are the fourteen entries, listed in order of appearance:

Now that you’ve reviewed the entries, before you vote, here are the rules:

  • 1) Voting will be available until midnight, Wednesday, December 13.
  • 2) Anyone can vote and performers can garner votes however shamelessly they want to, but voters can vote only once.
  • 3) The performance with the most votes when the poll closes next Wednesday will win the Audience Choice Award.




(If this table gives you trouble, vote on the flipside of this link.)


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