Call for submissions: LONNOL Month on WIZ

Calling all loving thoughts!
Calling all loving thoughts!

Got messages of deep feeling you’d like to send someone, or maybe to the world at large? Starting February 1st, Wilderness Interface Zone will launch its traditional month-long celebration of love and the natural world, Love of Nature Nature of Love Month.

We’re issuing a call for nature-themed love stuff: original poetry, essays, blocks of fiction, art, music (mp3s), videos or other media that address the subject of love while making references to nature. We’ll take the other side of the coin of affection, too: We’ll publish work about nature spun up with themes of love.

If you have a sweet song or sonnet you’ve written to someone beloved–or perhaps a video Valentine or an essay avowing your love for people, natural critters or spaces near and dear–please consider sending it to WIZ. Click here for submissions guidelines.

Our fondest hopes for LONNOL Month: Putting into the currents of language flowing around the world some of the deepest, most passionate, freeze-thawingest words that we can find. And if things work out, we’ll also be running one of WIZ’s DVD giveaways, a Pre-Hays Code movie, King of the Jungle, starring loincloth-clad Buster Crabbe as Kaspa the Lion Man.

We hope you’ll join our month-long celebration combining two of the most potent natural forces on the face of the planet–love and language.

Author: Patricia Karamesines

Patricia has been described as a poet, a novelist, a folklorist, an editor, and a literary critic. Certainly at times she behaves as if she were any and all of these and a few other things besides. Patricia grew up in the rural Virginia countryside, where she imprinted deeply upon the local flora and fauna. When she left the East to attend Brigham Young University in Utah she brought her impressionability with her, transferring it, perhaps irrevocably, to the desert Southwest. A literary nature journalist by nature, she does tend to write about the natural world … a lot. Whenever she can, she travels to the desert, the nearest place where the infinite becomes the obvious, and wanders from shimmering horizon to shimmering horizon (within reason). A firm believer in the dynamics of language, how language does things to and for people, and in the power of narrative for pro-creation and re-creation, and in the abilities of all language to multiply and replenish or to exploit and ravage, she is a constant explorer of The Possible. Her opinions are fluid, apt to change with the slightest revelatory experience or if, as she’s said elsewhere, magic words are uttered. She truly believes that she is always wrong and that the point of her life is to become less wrong—for her, a liberating concept. Patricia lives (at last!) in southeastern Utah with her husband Mark and their three children.

3 thoughts on “Call for submissions: LONNOL Month on WIZ”

  1. I’m happy you sent something, Lee. Thanks!

    For you kinda-sorta-wanna writers out there who are thinking about it … jump! I really like to make February fun and full of fondness.

  2. Wanted: One nature writing blog seeks artistically-inclined writers of nature-related poetry and prose–fiction or nonfiction–for a whirlwind month of heartfelt expression. Loves narratives about walks in the rain, mind-bending canyon adventures, contemplative river trips in the spring. Is irresistibly drawn to stories about surprising and weird encounters with other species, poetry about fire ecology, deep-feeling people-in-nature tales, field notes, insightful backyard bug stories, environmental tete-a-tetes–anything that calls attention to the deeper layers of life surrounding each and every one of us. Goes completely weak for language so green you can see it growing. Passionate engagement of the natural world required. Objective: A little fun and possible publication.

    Over at Wilderness Interface Zone, we’re still running Love of Nature Nature of Love Month. We still have several slots open for writing that braids up themes of love and nature. Even if your poem, prose piece, mp3 recording of original music, photograph, fiction (including flash fiction) piece, etc. just mentions nature and is more love-leaning, that’ll be the ticket. Valentine’s Day is just a heartskip away. C’mon. Send the world a Valentine.

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