Scott Hales joins A Motley Vision

10.30.12 | | 12 comments

I’m pleased to announce that Scott Hales has joined A Motley Vision. Most of our readers will know Scott as a regular commenter her at AMV, the proprietor of the excellent The Low-Tech World, and from his contributions to Dawning of a Brighter Day and Modern Mormon Men.

I’m incredibly pleased by this development and am kicking myself that I didn’t extend the invitation months ago.

Please join me in welcoming Scott Hales to the AMV team.

12 comments: “Scott Hales joins A Motley Vision

  1. Theric Jepson


    At the risk of sounding mercenary, should not AMV be the Google of Mormon arts-blogging, acquisitioning worthy targets as necessary?

  2. Theric Jepson


    Oh good. Since we’re just going to give all your engineers new projects, stick your patents in the vault, and then dissolve you.

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