_Jinn and Other Myths_ Plays This Weekend

Jinn and Other Short Plays copyMy theatre group Zion Theatre Company is having its debut performance in Salt Lake City this weekend at the Off Broadway Theater. It’s a new venue and a new city for us, so we’re very excited. All of our performances previous to this have been in Provo, so Salt Lake is a nice move to the “big city.”

Our first show at the OBT is called Jinn and Other Myths. These three short plays are together by a common thread of mythology, and united by a common multimedia approach:

The mystical Jinn are locked in bottles and their fates are in the hands of a woman named Calypso– but will she consider them too dangerous to release?

Kai has been trapped by the dangerous Snow Queen, and only his childhood friend Gerda can save him… but will Kai want to be saved?

A woman finds herself on a boat, accompanied by a mysterious stranger. Will she be able to accept the new existence put before her, or will her old life be too tempting to give up?

Performances begin at 7 pm. The Off Broadway Theatre is located at 272 South Main Street, Salt Lake City. Tickets are $16 for general audiences, and $12 for students and seniors. Tickets can be purchased at theobt.org or by calling (801)355-4628. Also here’s our 2012 Salt Lake Series at the OBT, for those interested. ZTC Season Salt Lake City copy

Author: Mahonri Stewart

Mahonri Stewart is a national award winning playwright and screenwriter who resides in La Mesa, CA, with his wife Anne and their two children, where he teaches English and Humanities at High Tech High International. Mahonri recently received his MFA from Arizona State University's Dramatic Writing program and received his Bachelor's in Theatre Arts from Utah Valley University. He currently teaches Written Communications and Humanities at Provo College, and Playwriting/Dramatic Literature at Pioneer High School for the Arts. Mahonri has had over a about 20 of his plays produced by theatre venues and organizations such as Utah Valley University, Zion Theatre Company, BYU Experimental Theatre Company, Art City Playhouse, the Little Brown Theatre, Arizona State University's Binary Theatre, and the Off Broadway Theatre in Salt Lake City. In addition to the Arts, Theatre/Film, and Literature, Mahonri also loves superheroes, board games, lasagna (with cottage cheese, not ricotta!), and considers himself an amateur Mormon History buff.

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  1. I heard back about how tech rehearsal went last night, and it looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty amazing show. The stage magic they’re doing and the multimedia approach apparently has had pretty impressive results.

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