Vote for WIZ’s Spring Poetry Runoff Popular Vote Award

Over at AMV’s companion blog Wilderness Interface Zone, our nearly six-week flood of verse has finished.  The last poems have posted, and voting to decide which one wins the Spring Poetry Runoff Popular Vote Award begins today, Monday, May 3rd,  and runs through Friday, May 7th.  Poets, please come vote, and let your friends and family members know about the voting, too.  Everyone is invited to participate in choosing the Spring Poetry Runoff Contest Popular Vote Award winner.

I’d like the thank all the gracious poets who contributed to the Spring Poetry Runoff not only for participating beautifully but also for exceeding my expectations for the number of poems submitted.    There really was a great turnout of celebrants and a good show of high-quality poetry.

The poll to determine the winner of the Spring Poetry Runoff Popular Poem Award will close Friday. May 7, but winners of both the popular vote and the Admin Award will be announced Monday, May 10th.   So keep an eye on WIZ to see how matters settle out.  Also, clean off your reading glasses.  Twenty-one poems qualified for the voting, any one of which can cause you to linger.   Another matter to consider: Each voter can vote for his or her three favorite poems!  Instructions on how to access each poem are available in the post–please read instructions there carefully.

To vote, click here.

The winner of the Popular Vote Award and the winner of the Admin Award will receive as prize his or her choice of either Lance Larsen’s Backyard Alchemy or Warren Hatch’s Mapping the Bones of the World.

Author: Patricia Karamesines

Patricia has been described as a poet, a novelist, a folklorist, an editor, and a literary critic. Certainly at times she behaves as if she were any and all of these and a few other things besides. Patricia grew up in the rural Virginia countryside, where she imprinted deeply upon the local flora and fauna. When she left the East to attend Brigham Young University in Utah she brought her impressionability with her, transferring it, perhaps irrevocably, to the desert Southwest. A literary nature journalist by nature, she does tend to write about the natural world … a lot. Whenever she can, she travels to the desert, the nearest place where the infinite becomes the obvious, and wanders from shimmering horizon to shimmering horizon (within reason). A firm believer in the dynamics of language, how language does things to and for people, and in the power of narrative for pro-creation and re-creation, and in the abilities of all language to multiply and replenish or to exploit and ravage, she is a constant explorer of The Possible. Her opinions are fluid, apt to change with the slightest revelatory experience or if, as she’s said elsewhere, magic words are uttered. She truly believes that she is always wrong and that the point of her life is to become less wrong—for her, a liberating concept. Patricia lives (at last!) in southeastern Utah with her husband Mark and their three children.

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  1. Just posting a reminder that voting for the Popular Vote Award closes tonight at 10:00 Utah time (Mountain Daylight Time). If you live in a different time zone, don’t forget to factor that into your voting strategy.

    Competition among the leaders appears to be intense. An interesting race to watch.

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