Announcing: LDS Cinema Online

6.14.10 | | 4 comments

I’m pleased to announce that LDS Cinema Online has joined the AMV family. This new blog features reviews and criticism from Kevin B (also known as the Baron of Deseret, whose reviews previously were published at The Waters of Mormon) and Adam Figueira of Towards an LDS Cinema. By combining forces, they will, I’m sure, provide the best LDS-oriented film criticism around. Please welcome them by clicking on over and saying hello and subscribing to their RSS feed. For those who are so inclined, you can also follow them on twitter: @ldscinema.

If you are interested in contributing to the blog, e-mail ldscinema AT motleyvision DOT org. This does not mean that AMV proper is abandoning cinema, but we’ll focus on posting reviews and film-centric criticism over there.

4 comments: “Announcing: LDS Cinema Online

  1. Katya

    So, Kevin B’s old reviews are currently on the new site, but Adam Figueira’s aren’t, is that right?

  2. Katya

    Thanks! These reviews are a great resource and I’m just trying to figure out where everything is.

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