Reading Until Dawn’s Lone (Were)wolf

4.1.09 | | 2 comments

I don’t want to take anything away from National Poetry Month with another Twilight bender, but Theric’s worked so hard on his essay, “Saturday’s Werewolf: Vestiges of the Premortal Romance in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Novels,” that I thought I should jump in and give him his dues. Here’s the abstract:

“Saturday’s Werewolf explores Twilight in terms of the supernatural literature of the Latter-day Saints, specifically as the series links to the premortal romance narrative mode, as exemplified in Nephi Anderson’s Added Upon (1898) and Douglas Stewart’s popular musical Saturday’s Warrior (1989).”

It’s an entertaining and insightful read that I’ve just posted at Reading Until Dawn (both PDF and HTML versions available there). Come take a look after you finish commenting on Laura’s Harvest post.

And don’t be scared: RUD’s lone (were)wolf doesn’t bite. But it just might inspire you to submit.

2 comments: “Reading Until Dawn’s Lone (Were)wolf

  1. Laura Craner

    I’m glad you mentioned Theric’s paper, Tyler! I was wondering when it was going up. It is a good read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Th.


    For clarification’s sake, although I was using the 1989 VHS version of Saturday’s Warrior as my source, the play was first performed in California in 1973. But I wasn’t there.

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